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Our Amazing Micro Foam Under Eye Pads

£12.90 + VAT if applicable

The new type of Under Eye Pads, made from Foam for a secure fit and extra comfort. Latex free, Gel free and Lint free, perfect for all clients, especially those that may suffer with irritation to the standard under eye pads on the market. Also perfect for securing those tricky lower lashes that like to pop out from the pad.

These pads can also be cut to size to fit the eye shape.

20 pairs per pack


Micro Foam Under Eye Pads


Why not give this new type of under eye pad a try? Micro Foam has become an increasingly popular choice of product to help secure the lower lashes during the treatment. These pre cut, eye shaped foam pads secure those stubborn lower lashes as well as providing a cushioned surface to work against.


  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • PVC foam
  • Acrylate Adhesive
  • Releasing paper

If you find these pads too sticky, simply de-tack several times

Packaging may vary slightly from the image displayed

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