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Mega Volume Pre Made Fans 12D 0.03mm

£22.50 + VAT if applicable

Our Fantastically presented Pre Made fans provide quick and easy application to create that Mega volume effect on your clients. These Extra large Pre Made fan trays contain 400 fans making them excellent value for money compared to the standard trays.

These high quality Pre Made fans have super sharp bases that allow precise attachment, long lasting and blend seamlessly for client comfort and attachment, unlike many Pre Made fans that can have thick bases which not only look unsightly but can cause retention issues.

Read below for more information on our amazing Pre Mades fans and how to use them correctly in your sets.


Our superior 0.03mm 12D Mega Volume Pre Made Fans are available in CC and D curls. They are available in both single and mixed lengths trays so something to suit all.

They come in extra large trays of 400 lashes making them excellent value for money.

High quality, 100% synthetic cruelty free, beautifully crafted Pre Made Fans will create a super full lash effect on your clients. Suitable for the volume trained as well as the Classic Trained only lash artists.

Each fan is symmetrical and lightweight allowing you to create a mega volume set safely.

If you are unsure of how much weight is safe then this guide below will assist:

0.15mm classic lash = 0.03mm x 25

0.12mm classic lash = 0.03mm x 16

0.12mm classic lash = 0.03mm x 11

As you can see from the above, our stunning Pre Made fans are very lightweight and perfect for those clients who can safely wear a 0.15 or 0.12 classic lash.

If your client has extremely fine natural lashes and cannot support our Mega Volume Pre Made fans, then check out our other range of 0.05mm Pre Made Fans starting in 3D.

What is the best Lash adhesive to use with Pre Made fans?

We suggest that a flexible, quick curing and strong adhesive works the best. We recommend to try are super fast yet flexible super hold adhesive “Supersonic” to maximise retention on your clients. Don’t forget to also double up with our PH Balancer called retention aid. This product perfectly balanced the PH in the natural lashes for optimum attachment and retention of the extensions.

What are the best tweezers to use for Pre Made fans?

Although Pre Made Fans are pre-bonded, you are still working with a fan, there the tweezers you work with must be precise to enable the pick up of a fan. If they are not then they will split and destroy the fan. We have a variety of volume tweezers on the website to suit the different lash artist. All are hand tested for quality and precision. Find them here.

How do I pick up Pre Made fans?

The most effective pick up method is to grab it at the very base and lift it upwards, this will help keep the fan intact. From here you can set it back down either on a sponge, silicon pad or on the sticky strip where you can reposition it into the perfect pick up position.

For more information on Pre Made fans, please check out our YouTube video

If you are a Classic Trained lash artist only and would like to learn the art of hand made volume, then don’t forget we have some great online courses where you can learn this technique. In addition to this we also have a large variety on online courses to suit lash artists of every level from complete beginners to advanced. All online courses are taught by Master Lash Expert Frankie Widdows, who is also an International Lash Trainer, Judge and Speaker at the Worldwide events. In her courses she teaches all of her tips, tricks and techniques that she has learned over the years and pushes her students to achieve competition standard lashing.

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