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Pre-Made Volume Fans C curl 0.07 single length trays

$16.54 + VAT if applicable

(3 customer reviews)

Pre-Made Volume Fans  C CURL 0.07 SINGLE LENGTH TRAYS

Pre-Made Volume Fans are “pre-made” and “pre-glued” volume fans that are attached to an individually isolated natural lash, to create that full and fluffy Russian volume look that many of our clients desire.

Our Pre-Made Volume Fans are superior quality, that have been through months of testing on real clients for strict quality control. This means you can buy our Pre-made Volume Fans with complete confidence and start creating beautiful Russian volume effects on your clients.

As you can see, each tray of Pre-made Russian volume eyelash extensions is made up of beautifully symmetrical pre-made fans that will give your client that perfect Russian volume eyelash effect.

It is easy to see why Eyelash Excellence Pre-made Russian Volume fans are a popular choice for the both the lash Artist and the client that loves the Russian volume effect.

Packaging may vary


Pre-Made Volume Fans  C curl 0.07 single length trays

Eyelash Excellence high quality Pre-made Russian volume fans are “pre-made pre-glued” fans that are attached to an individually isolated natural lash, to create added fullness for clients.

Pre-Made volume fans have become very popular over the years, assisting the lash artist who is not yet trained in volume, but would like to offer the same look to their clients – well now they can with the use of Pre-made volume fans.

Below you will see our guide to assist you with how much volume is safe on your clients if you want to use Pre-made volume fans. You will see that we have used the weights of 0.15/0.12/0.10 eyelash extensions as a comparison.

Pre-Made volume fan weight guide:

0.15 = max of (4 x 0.07mm) or (7 x 0.06mm) or (9 x 0.05mm)
0.12 = max of (3 x 0.07mm) or (4 x 0.06mm) or (6 x 0.05mm)
0.10 = max of (2 x 0.07mm) or (3 x 0.06mm) or (4 x 0.05mm)

Remember, that when we use Pre-made Russian volume eyelash extensions we sadly cannot create a russian volume fan to suit the natural eyelash (as we would do when making our own hand made Russian volume fans).
This means that you may have to split the Pre-made Russian volume fan with your tweezers (i.e make a 5D fan into a 3D fan) if you wanted to apply a Russian volume fan to a weaker natural eyelash.

Please ensure that you always work with a variety of different dimensions of your Pre-made russian volume fans within your sets to keep the natural lashes healthy and your sets safe, never just use the same dimension of Russian volume fan throughout your whole eyelash extensions set.



Additional information

Weight 39 g
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2 cm
Size & Curl

0.05 C Curl, 0.07 C Curl, 0.07 D Curl

Fan Size

3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D


6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, Mixed

3 reviews for Pre-Made Volume Fans C curl 0.07 single length trays

  1. Tatiana D

    I’ve been playing around with different pre-mades and I must say Eyelash Excellence are the best by far! Narrow bases and consistent through out the whole tray!

  2. Eileen

    I was completely turned off all premades I ever ordered. All were chunky bases, and never stayed on. But Eyelash Excellence’s are amazing!!! I love them. I have struggled so much with making my own volume fans, and Frankie’s are so easy to work with. I just love them for doing a hybrid set on just the right client!

  3. Dana Jokic (verified owner)

    Thanks to Frankie Widdows Youtube Videos I came to this site. Although I have to order from Switzerland I am so happy with the premade fans and the oil resistant glue. I have a client who’s a tennis instructor and has very oily skin. Since I use the new glue I don’t have to worry about the retention of her lash extensions anymore.
    (PS Regarding the review stars, I clicked on number 5, but nothing happend!?)

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