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Primer for Eyelash Extensions

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Primer for Eyelash Extensions, for use during the preparation phase of eyelash extensions.

Why do we use a primer when preparing for eyelash extensions?

Oils in the natural lashes will affect the bond of the extension onto the natural lash. Therefore by removing the oils and opening the cuticle, we are preparing the natural lashes for optimum bonding to the eyelash extensions.

Primer does not need to be used on all clients. We recommend that primer only be used on oily clients, or those that suffer with poor retention and require the cuticle to be opened.  However, we must always have primer on our lash trolley for those clients that require it.

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In stock


Primer for Eyelash Extensions is a product that we must all have on our lash trolley, but we need to understand how and when to use it. Primer will remove oils and dehydrate the natural lash – this can be both good and bad. Our eyelash extension glues require the use of moisture to help them cure, therefore moisture in the natural lashes (at a balanced level) is paramount for a correct cure.

Removing that moisture by using a primer can the affect the bond and cure of the eyelash glue negatively, if used incorrectly. Therefore, ONLY use primer on oily clients who require the removal of oils from the natural lashes to assist with the bond.

Use primer as the last step in your lash prep and prior to the application of eyelash extensions. Apply with a micro-brush and do not oversaturate. Primer can irritate the eye if too much is used.

Our Primer for Eyelash Extensions is produced in the UK, as such conforms to strict EU regulations. Many cosmetic based products used within our industry are manufactured outside the UK, as such can fall far short of conforming to safety regulations. Buy our Primer for Eyelash Extensions with 100% that what you are using is safe and suitable to be used on your clients.

For non oily clients always used a PH Balancer to balance the PH in the natural lashes. Learn more about this product here:

10ml Primer bottle

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