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Stunning Purple YY Lashes – Mixed trays

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How stunning are these Purple YY Lashes?. Add just a hint, or apply a full on purple set… you decide.

Our Purple YY Lashes are available in mixed trays of 8-15mm (select your curl and thickness from the drop down menu).

These purple extensions are same great quality as our other YY Lashes, just a different colour to add to your collection.

Available in mixed trays of both 0.05mm and 0.07mm thickness, C/CC/D curls and lengths 8-15mm

Read below for more info on our Purple YY Lashes…….



Stunning Purple YY Lashes

Gone are the old school days of Black eyelash extensions only, instead we now have such a variety of coloured lashes available to us. Whether a subtle look, or big and bold, coloured lashes are the perfect addition to your lash supplies so that you can cater for every client.

This is why we have introduced our Purple YY lashes to the range.

Our Purple YY Lashes come in mixed trays of C/CC/D curl, 0.05 & 0.07mm thickness and lengths of 8-15mm. The YY lash is still a relatively new type of extension on the market, therefore in this range 8mm is currently the shortest these are produced in. However if you want to create shorter lengths, simply use a craft knife and ruler to cut the bases of the extensions whilst on the strip to create your desired length (a common hack performed by the top Russian Lash Artists)

12  rows of lashes with the following lengths: 8mm x1, 9mm x1, 10mm x2, 11mm x2, 12mm x3, 13mm x1, 14mm x1, 15mm x1

Foil backed for easy removal from your lash tile.

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