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Volume Tweezers – Orion

£46.99 + VAT if applicable

In stock

Volume tweezers, perfectly precise for creating fans. The Orion is the sister to the Polaris, also available from Eyelash Excellence. Specifically designed by Frankie Widdows Master Lash Artist, to create a Precision tool to assist in making hand made Volume fans.
  • Hand tested by Eyelash Excellence Trainers
  • Quality assurance 
  • Suited to a range of volume pick up techniques
  • Skill level: Intermediate to advanced lash artist
  • Balanced and robust, offers precision and grab
  • Suits heavy to medium handed volume artist
  • Suitable for both the classic and Russian volume techniques
  • Larger sweet spot than similar the Dumont volume tweezers
  • Sharp tip to assist with creating volume fans

In stock


  • Set aside enough time to work with your new tool. Each volume tweezer works differently, therefore the artist will need to practice creating their volume fans before working with them on a real client.
  • Find the sweet spot – this is set differently on each tool. 
  • Practice your grip, does it require a soft or firm grip to grab your Volume fans?
  • Do not leave in solution for over 20 minutes. Disinfectants or sterilising solutions will corrode the tips over time.
  • Thoroughly dry to prevent rusting.
  • Always store in a protective case.
  • Do not let others use.
  • Never drop, very unlikely you can repair them.

Check out our wrist strap to prevent dropping

Take care of your new tool. All eyelash extensions tweezers, whether classic or volume are hand finished. This means that no one will ever be the same, even from the same brand or same design. If you fall in love with a pair of then look after them as it’s very unlikely you will ever find a similar pair. 

Additional information

Weight 22 g
Dimensions 16 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm


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