Hooded client’s, do you know how to correctly style them? Nail this styling and you will have that client for life!

So what is a hooded eye? This is when the skin between the eye lid and brow droops down and overlaps the eyelid. It can be genetic as well as a condition that increases with age and gravity takes effect. In some extreme cases the “hood” can entirely cover the whole of the eyelid as well as the eyelashes. Below you can see an extreme hood on a mature lady. Here the skin conceals the entire eyelid.

hooded eyes


Hooded clients will usually complain that they feel they look constantly tired as well as their eyes looking small and it is easy to see why. However with the clever use of eyelash extensions you can disguise the hooded eye and make that client feel like a million dollars!

As lash artists we tend to be visual learners, therefore this image below of Blake Lively should assist in first instance to see how we can disguise a hood before we talk about styling in more detail.

styling hooded eye


See below a close up image of suggested styling/mapping to help disguise the hood.


blake lively

So how do we style the hooded client?

1 – Identify where the hood is: (across the whole eye/middle/inners/outers?)
The area of the hood is where we need length and curl to extend out, up and over that hood. Do this with the client sitting in front of you and NEVER when they are lying down as the hood will disappear with gravity.

2 – Mark dots on the lid to identify where you need your lengths.

3 – Now you can transfer those dots to your lash map.

4 – Build a frame of 15-20 extensions per eye, then sit that client up, open their eyes so you can check the shaping/frame work of that set.
If correct, continue lashing, if not then remove extensions and replace and re-check.

Always book out enough time for this type of styling so you can check as you go, then save your lash map/pads ready for their infill so that you can use them as a guide when mapping at the fill.


Below is a real Eyelash Excellence client who has an extreme hood. In this case we have to use a flatter curl such as the J/B to extend out of such an extreme hood. We have also included our lash mapping:

lash mapping