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The importance of continued education & learning

Written on  June 14, 2021
The Importance Of Continued Education & Learning

We see lots on forums and social media the promotion of continued education and taking courses, but do you truly believe this, or do you think it is just a sales gimmick?

In this article I am going to talk about my own lashing journey and hopefully this will help illustrate how continued education and attending courses has enhanced my lashing career. My lashing career started out as a hobby and a side line which I think is the case for a lot of lash tech’s. As my clientele grew so did my interest and passion for lashes. Eventually my clientele grew so much that I could not continue it as a side line and decided to take the plunge into making it a full-time job for me. Up until this point I had only completed a very poor beginners one day training and was only offering classic lashes. Although I had too many clients to continue as a hobby, I didn’t have anywhere enough to have a full-time wage.

I had started to hear of Frankie and decided that if I was going to do this as a career I needed to invest further and booked myself a 121-skill building course with Frankie. This is absolutely what changed my path and lead me to where I am now.

I completed my skill building course, and had a huge shock as I realised, I knew nothing, not even basics like different lash thickness’, curls, styles, direction, how adhesives work etc!

Alongside the skill building course, I joined LTT (Lash Tech Tutorials) in a hope to advance my knowledge and skills! These two things were the best decisions I made and proved invaluable to my career. I practised at every opportunity I had, started marketing my business professionally with a website, and my clientele grew even more. All this information is what I got from the tutorials on LTT and the courses I took.

Frankie saw my skills advance and then asked me to work in her salon as a lash artist for her, again this would never have happened if I did not take that 121 course or join LTT. I developed my skills further taking a Russian volume course as I finally felt confident in my classic lashing skills.

I also started to become more active on LTT as I felt so passionate about helping others and could really relate to them being in their position previously of poor training and lack of knowledge.

As Eyelash Excellence grew as a company and Frankie required additional staff to help facilitate LTT, training, and admin enquiries I was asked if I would like to be a part of the team! I truly believe had I not booked that 121 skill building course my path would not be what it is today!

I still continue to take training as there are so many hugely talented lash artists and trainers out there, and each time I take training I learn something new and invaluable to enhancing my skills and career.

Below is some photos to show you the progression I have made through continued courses, being a part of LTT and attending worldwide lash conferences. The first set of photos are prior to me attending that 121 skill building course and joining LTT.

From the first photos you can see not only was my lashing skills questionable so was my photography and marketing skills. Not only did I learn how to lash safely, advancing my techniques and being able to style clients correctly but I also learnt how to take good photos to sell my services which ultimately is vital to a thriving business. We are not just lash technicians but also business people and you can be the best lasher on earth but if you don’t know how to capture that in photos or market your business you won’t attract the clients. This is why continued development is so important in enabling your business to flourish. Would you book with a tech advertising with the first photo’s, or the second one’s??? I know which I would choose!

I hope this has helped to show how continued learning is extremely helpful and is what got me to where I am today.

- Written by Rebecca Reilly, Lash and PMU Artist & Educator
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