Every business, no matter how big or small, MUST have clear policies in place – in short: there is then no “grey area” between yourself and your client.

I still see so many posts on forums where this is conflict between the artist and the client, and this is usually due to a lack of policies but in place by that artist.

A simple way to ensure that your clients are aware and agree to your policies is to have them on your client consultation form, which they have to sign in agreement – these can either be done online or by the very simple pieces of paper.

Step by step policies:

Every lash artist runs their business differently, as such there is no one way to set your policies out, but here as some points that may assist:

Usually clients will contact you via phone, email, SM or website. If you have a website for them to book from then a simple way is to have all your polices on there and for them to make a booking they must tick the box to confirm that they agree – this is a very simple way to ensure there is no grey area as well as evidence if required to show that they agreed to your policies. If you do not have this in place, then on first contact you can email them over your polices which they must agree to be replying to the email that they agree. Or you can set out your initial patch test/consultation policies and then when they arrive for their patch test and consultation you can then go over the additional polices then and ask for a signature.

IN ALL CASES PLEASE ALWAYS GET SOME TANGIBLE EVIDENCE THAT THEY AGREE – either a ticked box online, a reply to an email that ‘they agree” or a signature.

This will always be your evidence if you need it.

Points to include:

  • “That the information they provide is correct and true to the best of their knowledge” (this is an old statement opening when I was in the police and that I use on the first line of my policies set)
  • Patch test policy: arrive with no makeup, leave a “x” non refundable deposit (unless a reaction to the patch test within 48 hours and they let you know of that reaction within that time). The deposit (or some like to call it a booking fee) will be deducted from their full set price. Remind them also of rescheduling fee listed below.
  • Rescheduling fee: any rescheduled appointment within 48 hours will have “x” amount added to the service cost
  • Client MUST arrive on time, lateness will erode into their treatment time, yet they will still be charged full price (personally I will never turn a late client away, but I will, within reason, get as much done in that time). I will not overrun as this is unfair on the next client – and myself.
  • If they have any issue with their lashes within “x” amount of days, then you will offer a free top up, but they must let you know within this time frame. Outside of this, then they will be charged the usual price. (I personally always state that my products are tried and tested and we have lots of happy customers who return week after week with no issues – therefore if there is any issue with any client’s lashes then it is usually as a result of improper aftercare or that the client may not be a suitable candidate for extensions).
  • Clients must return for their infills within a designated time (set the time), after that sets will be charged at full price.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to book their next fill at the end of the appointment or asap after – failure do to so may mean that they cannot get an infill appointment, as such they will then require a full set.
  • Clients must return with at least “x” amount of lashes left to be classed as a fill.
  • In the event of a reaction, despite a patch test showing clear, you will assist that client and offer a free removal where possible – however you will not offer a refund as you have still had to use your time at the patch test and full set as well as the cost of products. (This can be a tricky one – and you may on the rare occasion of this happening offer a 50% refund as a good will gesture despite no fault of your own)
  • You do not offer refunds on any lash treatment but will always work with that client in the event they are unhappy.
  • Clients must follow their aftercare advice – failure to do so will result in your therapist being unable to guarantee their lashes.

We have included a list of editable form to assist you in the Extras section of LTT.