Eyelash Excellence training courses are delivered by Master Lash Artist, International trainer, Guest speaker and Lash Judge, Frankie Widdows, usually with an additional Eyelash Excellence Trainer . They have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are always up to date with the latest developments within the ever-evolving Lash Industry. Eyelash Excellence Ltd has built a solid reputation within the Lash Industry, with Frankie & her team’s advanced technical knowledge, openness to share their techniques, accessibility to their students, quality of their own lash work and that produced by her students: as such they travel from far and wide to take part in our courses.

She offers courses from either her private training establishment in Kent, UK, as well as Internationally during her travels. Eyelash Excellence courses are some of the most sought after in depth out there, and our students leave the course confident and competent with a wealth of new knowledge and an army of advanced techniques that they can use to create amazing sets of lashes. Our training days are fun filled and relaxed, yet “jam packed” with content and techniques you will not learn anywhere else.

Frankie & her team pushes each student to strive for perfection, so that they can be the best they can and shine within our industry.

Frankie & her team adapts their teaching style to the students they trains, and breaks the course structure down into simple learning strategies and techniques that our students can easily grasp.

So, for those that feel that they lack confidence or technical skills, need not worry, as Frankie & the team will make learning easy and fun and you will leave with a new found confidence within the industry.

Each course is fully accredited with The Guild of Beauty Therapists UK and has CPD points (recognised within the UK).

Eyelash Excellence offers each student continued aftercare support for however long they need it. Training is not just for one day, but must continue throughout the students development, as such the Eyelash Excellence team is always there to answer any questions students have, and we will always take the time to personally respond to each and every student.

Frankie Widdows

To be the best we must invest

A marathon runner cant just get up and go and complete a race without putting in the hard work first. Right?

They train every day sometimes multiple times a day. Each time they go out to train they improve their fitness, technique and skill a little more until they have built up the strength and stamina to endure the miles of running and complete the race. Time to rest and recover is also vitally important, in fact equally as important as the training itself.

When you think about it, the marathon is the end goal but to get there the runner has taken lots of small steps.

So why am I talking about running????

Lets translate this into lashes.

To be able to complete a perfect full volume set, or applying a new skill such as capping, stacking, feathering and ensuring the eye styling is spot on requires LOTS of practice.

Practicing fan pick up technique, practicing glue dipping technique, finding the right pair of tweezers for you, finding the right adhesive for you, understanding lash thickness and how to calculate the volumetric weight of a lash in order to apply the correct one to keep it safe, practising isolation, lash placement, direction, mapping, graduation, uniformity, using mannequin heads, sponges, friends/family the list is endless.

That is why when ever we are trying or learning something new we must put in the time and effort into practicing away from our clients. DAILY. We will not improve our skills by lashing once a week. If we want to be the best we have to invest not only our time but also financially. Enrolling on courses regularly with multiple trainers will teach you to be versatile and broaden your existing knowledge. We can never stop learning.

Just give yourself 20 minutes a day to practice something. Do something different everyday. Monday – glue dipping, Tuesday – fan practice, Wednesday – uniformity etc etc etc.

If you have bought new tweezers, make sure you take the time to work with them away from your client before going in for that new volume full set. You will find that EVERY pair of tweezers has a slightly different sweet spot and will work slightly differently to your good old faithfuls that you dropped on the hardwood floor last night!

If you have bought a new adhesive, work with it in your salon for a week away from clients to ensure you know what your temperature and humidity needs to be roughly so you’re not “winging” it when your client comes in for that full volume set and you are screaming inside because all of your beautiful fans are closing.

New lashes? You got it…… work with them. They may handle differently, they may be more shiny or thinner or flats. What you could pick up with your 0.15’s you will not necessarily pick up in 0.07 in the same way!!! Ok this is extreme as one is a classic lash and one is volume, but you get the idea.

Need to improve your uniformity, get that sponge out and set yourself up a framework, now go in and infill to perfection, accept nothing less.

Want to improve your eye styling? Jump on Facebook/Instagram and study eyes, think about how you would style them, what lash curl does she need, does she need lift, does she need length, how can I achieve this and keep it safe, what lash thickness can I use, how can I make it fuller. Take pictures and play around with styles for them, use photo editing tools to aid you if need be.

You won’t win the marathon after 1 day of running around the block.
Invest your time and money wisely and you WILL go far.

Courses offered by Eyelash Excellence


For those that have never applied eyelash extensions before, and would like to enter the lash industry.

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Skill Building Course

Skill Building

For those re-entering the industry, lacking confidence, or wanting to brush up on their current skills.

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Eyelash Excellence - Russian Volume Personal Training

Russian Volume

This is the latest advanced technique to take the world by storm. Suitable for competent lash techs only!

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Eyelash Excellence Students Bundle

Students attending one of Eyelash Excellence’s courses will each receive one of the most sought after Eyelash Extensions manuals out there. These are not for sale and exclusively available to students only. We also includes instructional DVDs or Flash drives to our students (Beginners, Skill building and Russian Volume course), so that they can revisit techniques taught on the courses. Each student will also have their own complimentary Eyelash Extensions Kit (rrp £75-£100), overflowing with lash supplies from the Eyelash Excellence’s online shop.

Structure of training days

The morning session of each course will take students step-by-step through their in-depth Manual and comprehensive theory surrounding eyelash extensions, then onto practicing and perfecting the technical skills and finally onto the combining of all techniques learnt, and the ability to apply these to a client.

UK Students will be required to produce case studies after the course (photographs to evidence their work) before they are awarded with their Eyelash Excellence certificate. This is to ensure that students have understood the techniques taught and are able to produce work that can meet the required standard.

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