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What Are Clover Lashes?

Written on  April 24, 2023
What are Clover lashes?

In 2022 the Clover Lash was introduced. This lash looks like a premade fan with a long straight base. It can be described as the “sister lash” to the YY lash as it looks very similar, however with the Clover lash there is complete symmetry between each strand.

This new type of lash is quickly becoming as popular as the YY lash. The Clover lash offers the same full fluffy look yet with a softer effect. Well suited to the more mature client or those who prefer a softer less textured effect. This type of lash currently comes in dimensions of 4/5/6D.

How do Clover lashes suit?

⦁ Client’s who desire a fuller effect than classics
⦁ Client’s with sparser or damaged natural lashes (offers fluff and coverage)
⦁ Client’s who like a very soft fluffy look

How do they not suit?

⦁ Client’s that like lots of texture/spikey effects (YY lashes may suit better)
⦁ Client’s who are oily or do not look after their lashes well (due to the delicate design of the clover lash, these can easily close/be damaged by oils and improper aftercare)

Are Clover Lashes Classed As Classic or volume application?

Clover lashes are classed as classic application which means complete beginners can legally work with them and you do not need an extra qualification. This makes clover lashes a popular choice for either newer lash artists or non-volume trained techs who want to create a volume effect on their clients.

How should you price clover lashes?

This is always the choice of the lash artist however we suggest they should be priced at either a hybrid or volume set.

Although a classic application, these provide a full volume effect, you also get slightly less in a tray compared to classic lashes (due to their being x4 strands per clover fan), so this needs to be factored into your costs.

Watch this space….the clover lash is still very new to the lash industry, therefore is has yet to be discovered by many lash artists. However, we hope we have answered the question “what are clover lashes” and how beautiful they can look.

By Frankie Widdows, (Eyelash Excellence Founder/Owner)

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