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What Are YY Lashes?

Written on  April 19, 2023
What Are YY Lashes?

The YY lash trend is very trendy & up and coming.

Eyelash Excellence have created the perfect shape lash to create fluffiness like a volume effect, whilst applying identical to a classic lash. The shape is quite literally a ‘Y’. The YY lash has a double Y in the name as it is double layered, this creates great definition. YY lashes are made to be super lightweight, meaning the client should not be able to feel the enhancement - this is all about evolving with the times.

Eyelash excellence understands the importance of adapting lashes to allow great comfort for all types of lash clients. You can purchase both original YY lashes & straight tipped YY lashes at Eyelash Excellence.

Original YY lashes create more of a ‘messy’, spiked lash line which suit certain eye, face shapes & client’s preferences, whereas the newer Straight Tipped YY lashes provide a more uniform lash line, perfect for a client who prefers a sleek, sharp, less spiked lash tip effect.

Another benefit to YY lashes is that they are highly cost effective compared to buying Russian pre-made fans, as the lashes are closer together in the pallets, meaning there are more lashes there for you to work with.

Coloured YY lashes

Colourful lashes are such a fun, exciting trend in the lash world. As a professional lash technician, you can be very creative and outgoing by creating wonderful, bright sets.

There are so many things you can do with colourful lashes…you could create a full set of pure brightness OR you could incorporate colour into a black set by sprinkling in the coloured lashes throughout the set OR they can look very attractive feathering at the outer corner of a set, and coloured lashes look pretty unique on the bottom lash layer to allow colour to poke through if this is something that you wish to try.

Eyelash excellence offers various different coloured lashes which you can provide to your clients. This includes their  GREEN LASHES with a black base - the black base offers definition, alongside a colour. This gives your client the best of both worlds, this also saves you as a lash technician time from swapping black lashes to coloured lashes throughout the appointment.

Now we get onto the subject of Brown Lashes - Brown lashes are perfect for those fair haired clients or super natural clients that don’t fancy a bold, black lash set.
You could also choose to mix black and brown lashes to create a dark brown appearance, this gives slightly higher definition than pure brown lashes, but not as bold as a pure black set.

Check out some brown YY Eyelash Excellence lashes below, modelled by Tom.

Let’s bring joy and colour to our lash sets!

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