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Why Are Consultations So Important?

Written on  June 11, 2021
Why Are Consultations So Important

Consultations with your new lash clients are one of the most important parts of a lash service. This is the first impression your client is going to get of you and your business and sets the standard for the entire service. Lashes should be a luxury service and your clients should feel like that is what they are receiving, not conveyor belt lashes. You should be using the consultation to set yourself apart from the competition, make sure your client knows they will get a bespoke service and not just the same set of eyelash extensions that the previous 20 clients also got. So here are some key tips to make your client feel like they are getting the best lashes in town before you have even applied a single lash.

Be professional but approachable, you want your clients to take you and your business
seriously, but you don’t want to alienate them so make sure you are always talking in terms that even someone new to lashes will understand. Don’t baffle the with technical jargon.

Take a couple of minutes to get to know your client and make them feel comfortable, find out about their lifestyle, daily activities, hobbies etc. This is all information you can use to set realistic expectations from the outset, if you know your client is in the gym 5 times a week you can pretty much guarantee they will need to be returning for infills every 2 weeks rather than every 3. You can then explain this to your client so that they aren’t then disappointed that their lashes aren’t lasting as long as their friends who went to the tech down the road who’s using 0.20 lashes and half a bottle of adhesive.

Use their consultation form to find out if they are taking any medications that could affect retention, again manage their expectations.

Assess their eye shape, take some photos and start making some mental notes on how you think would be best to style them. Then get them to show you some photos of lashes that they like, a client’s view on what a natural set of lashes is vs. your view on it could be two very different things of so for clarity picture are always best. If the photos that they show you are unrealistic, unachievable for their natural lashes explain to them what is achievable whilst still being safe for their natural lashes, use the photos you took to explain what styles will enhance their features, WOW them with your knowledge!

Make notes of styling to refer back to at future appointments. When clients return for infill appointments follow up with them to find out if there are any changes they would like to make, if there a little style tweaks that you think would improve their lashes discuss this with them. Remember lashes are not a one style fits all and it could take multiple appointments to find the perfect style for your client.

All of these steps will make your client feel valued from the very start of your relationship with them as well as making your life easier as you will have managed your clients expectations.

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