If you haven’t heard about YY Lashes, then where have you been? This new type of eyelash extensions hit the scene back in late 2020 and early 2021. The YY lash is applied like a classic lash yet creates a volume effect. It is called the YY lash due to it shape (x2 Y lashes bonded together).

YY Lashes are technically a pre made fan, made up of x4 strands, they have a long base and fanned out tips, see below:

yy lashes

YY Lashes come in 4D in 0.05mm and 0.07mm so a lash thickness to suit all clients, as well as the standard C/CC/D curls – they also come in brown too (check out our range)

YY lashes also come in different styles: Standard YY Lashes and Straight Tipped YY Lashes?

Normal YY – Offers a more textured spiky effect with the tips spread open wider for a Hybrid type effect.

Straight Tipped – Offers a softer, volume effect with the tips closer together.

YY lashes have started to be classed as the new hybrid volume effect, with many of our Eyelash Excellence clients moving away from volume to now wear YY Lashes. They love the quicker application yet still the same volume effect. YY Lashes have a long flat base like a classic flat lash which is why they are so easy and quick to apply. Their long base provides an eyeliner effect as well as offering amazing retention another reason why clients love them so much.

Check out some of our Eyelash Excellence customers:

yy lash

yy eyelash extensions

How do you pick up YY Lashes?
Grab the YY lashes (the YY fan) half way between the top and the bottom of the extension. The key to keeping the YY lash intact is grabbing just before the base splits into the YY which you will see is about half way on the extension, then apply as you would a classic extension.

How much volume is safe when using YY Lashes?

Below is a guide, based on what a natural lash could support if that client was wearing a classic/one by one extension.

0.20 = max of (6 x 0.07mm) – NOT recommended – few clients can support this weight

0.15 = max of (4 x 0.07mm) or (7 x 0.06mm) or (9 x 0.05mm)

0.12 = max of (3 x 0.07mm) or (4 x 0.06mm) or (6 x 0.05mm)

0.10 = max of (2 x 0.07mm) or (3 x 0.06mm) or (4 x 0.05mm)

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If you would like to see our YY Lashes in action then check out our video below: