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VIP 121 Eyelash Extensions Courses

In Person Courses
Price: £
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Accredited and fully UK insurable lash course
Course time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Location: Eyelash Excellence, Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7FG
Students will be trained using Eyelash Excellence products

My name is Frankie Widdows, I have been a Lash Artist since 2012 and in 2015 I set up Eyelash Excellence LTD, a global supply store of high-quality lash products and Eyelash Extensions training courses.

I am an Award-winning Master Lash Artist, Lash supplier, Lash Trainer, Lash Judge and Speaker at the world's biggest lash events. I specialise solely in eyelash extensions which allows me to dedicate all my time to being an expert in this subject.

Over the past 11 years I have travelled the globe teaching my advanced eyelash extension courses to thousands of students. I judge at the top lash competitions where I dissect the work of some of the best lash artists in the world, as well as get invited to speak and share my lash knowledge at the world’s biggest lash events.

I have a reputation for running some of the best eyelash extension courses there are, as well as my expert understanding of lash styling and the advanced Russian volume technique hence why I get invited to teach and speak at locations across the globe.

Eyelash Extension Events

Without blowing my own trumpet, I really am at the top of my game when it comes to the subject of eyelash extensions, and I hope this why my students choose to train with me. To be a lash judge requires me to always be up to date with the latest techniques as well as being able to showcase my own lash skills on my clients. I live sleep and breathe eyelash extensions, not only because I love the subject, but I always want my knowledge to be the very best it can be and that I can teach my students to the best of my ability and uphold my reputation of producing excellent students.

I wasn’t always a great lash artist, far from it, I was terrible and my photography skills were not much better. But back when I entered the industry it was very new, the techniques were basic and the products we used were poor and limited. There was little educational content for a new lash artist: social media didn’t exist, there was no YouTube or anyone willing to share their lash skills. For many years I struggled on my own, trying to teach myself to become better every day and I feel it was this tenacity and problem-solving ability that propelled me into the lash industry.


My terrible lash work

My Terrible Lash Work

I got better

My Lash WorkMy Lash Work 2

My passion is not just lashes, but also sharing my skills with others. This is why I love training students and seeing them excel in the lash industry. I don’t want others to have to struggle the way I did in the early days, instead I provide them with no nonsense well-constructed, easy to follow high end technical lash knowledge, so that they can fast track their journey and sidestep all the mistakes I made over the years.

I teach students of all levels from beginners to advanced, which means I can cater for the needs of every student I meet. Of course, I run group eyelash extension trainings, but I also offer 121 sessions for those who may prefer to learn alone or would like a training day constructed solely for them. With my 121 session I have something to suit everybody.

Training Students

What 121 Eyelash Extension Courses do I offer?

Beginners Eyelash Extensions Course

This Beginners Eyelash Extensions Course is for those who have never done eyelash extensions before. I teach my students all they need to know to start lashing real clients and building their own lash business. Pop over to my group training page to read the in-depth description of this Beginners Eyelash Extensions Course. It is exactly the same eyelash course, except the student will be 121 with myself. Student’s will still complete their theory at home prior to the course (this makes up day 1 but can be completed over multiple days/weeks/months) and then day 2 is the practical day where they come to me and we work on the hands-on practical skills, finishing with their model.

Click here to find out more: Beginners Eyelash Extensions Course

And all this is included too: (laptop, pad and phone excluded!)

Beginners Eyelash Extension Training Manual

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course (Handmade fans)

This course is an advanced skill, therefore only suitable for the confident and competent lash artist and who I suggest has at least 1 year of busy lashing under their belt. This Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course teaches the intricate technique of hand making fans, something that cannot be untaken by the unskilled lash artist. They are required to have excellent tweezer control skills as well as a good understanding of all the fundamentals skills of eyelash extensions. If they cannot do this, then they will never be able to create handmade fans and apply them to their clients correctly. This course teaches “fan making only” which is a super in-depth subject and takes the whole day to execute correctly. Students will work on a mannequin head only due to the high-end precision I push my students for. There is no way that any student can complete a full set on a real client on the first attempt at this technique, therefore I take the stress off them and ensure they produce technically correct and precise volume fans that are applied to a mannequin head. Until they can achieve this, they cannot attempt this technique on a real person. Many academies hold Russian Volume Eyelash Extension training; however they do not teach it to the high end technical standard that I do.

Take a look below at some of my student’s stunning Russian Volume precision fan work, as well as some images from around the globe including trips to Australia, Canada, LA, Dallas and Holland to mention a few.

Refresher/Skill building Eyelash Extensions Course

This course is suitable for those who want to take the next step in their lash career (i.e are within 2 years of their original beginners training). It also suits those who felt their initial eyelash extensions training was poor, they might be lacking confidence, or just want to brush up on existing skills. It is a great course to also bring lash artists right up to date with the very latest lash techniques, compared to outdated skills they may currently be working with. If you have yet to work with Clover lashes, YY lashes, Pre-mades etc, then this course can help to show you how to create much fuller sets on your clients. We also touch on eye styling too, introducing the student to different lash styles so they can start applying these to their clients. It is also a great opportunity for me to look at my student’s current lashing techniques and really tweak and finesse them, therefore this course is also pretty flexible. I will always communicate with my student prior to this course so that we can make sure that not only will we cover the set content but also focus on the areas my student would like to work on. Students have the option of providing a model for the afternoon session or practising their techniques on a mannequin head.

This course has set content however I will also custom create this for each student. Therefore, to learn more about this course and how I will “tweak’ it for you” please contact me directly so we can discuss your needs. Book Now

Eye styling and Lash Mapping Eyelash Extensions Course 

This Eye styling and Lash Mapping Eyelash Extensions Course is another advanced course suited for students who have at least 6 months experience within the lash industry. Here we look at the technical aspects of lash styling at super high competition standard so that students can be confident in their styling of every client they meet. This is a mostly theory-based course which incorporates practical styling exercises at the end putting everything we have learned into practice. Due to the many different lash styles there are, there is not enough hours in the day to cover it all and then work on a model. Instead, I arm my students with all they need to go away and put their new knowledge and skills into practice once they have left the course.

Fan Perfection Lash Course

Are you already trained in Handmade volume but feel you have struggled to grasp the technique, or that your training in this subject was poor? If so, then this course is perfect for you. Let me teach you the correct way and show you that making precise Russian Volume Handmade fans is not rocket science, you just need to be shown the correct way. I teach multiple fan making techniques so there is something to suit each student because not every technique will work for that person. My students are always amazed at how quickly they can start making precision fluffy volume fans, with slim pointy bases which attach beautifully. I have travelled the world teaching this technique, so let me share my expertise in this field with you.

Although I have set content for this Russian Volume Course, I will also work with the student and their current techniques as well as add new techniques for them to try.

Once again, although this course has set content, I will also custom create this to suit the needs of the student so they can get the most of this eyelash extensions course. Therefore, please contact me directly so we can discuss your course needs. Book Now

Bespoke courses

Do you have certain aspects you would like to brush up on or learn that are not included above? If so, I can put together a bespoke course to suit you. Whether you want to update your current lash skills, are lacking in confidence or just feel you have become a bit stagnant, I have something to suit all. You have the choice to work on a mannequin head or bring along your own model to work on for the last part of the day. Just get in touch via my BOOK NOW button at the top of the page, fill in the form and I will get back to you asap to discuss your needs.

Not convinced? Look at just a few images of some of my student’s amazing work.

Students Lash Work

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Eyelash Extension Courses accredited?

The set courses such as The Beginners Eyelash Extensions course, Refresher/Skill building, Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course and the Eye styling and Lash Mapping are all accredited, however the bespoke courses are not due to the content being designed solely to suit that student.

Do I get a certificate at the end of my Lash Course?

Yes, all students will receive a certificate. Accredited courses require case studies to be completed and non-accredited courses provide students with a certificate at the end of the day. You can learn more about case study requirements: Here

What is the price of your Eyelash Extension courses?

The Beginners Eyelash Extensions course is priced at £499, my other classes are £399 which all include a full practical day with me. All classes are 121, which means you are the only student on the course and receive my full attention.

Set courses may also include pre-read material/online theory content which MUST be completed prior to the student attending the practical day which is classed as Day 2.

Do I get an Eyelash Extensions kit or Lash Manual?

We provide students with the option to purchase an Eyelash Extensions Training kit if they wish (depending on the course they choose). I never force my students to purchase a kit, it is entirely their choice however they will be provided with all they need on the day. I can also make up bespoke kits for students to purchase.

Students will receive a hard copy of a lash manual and other bonus training material (depending on which course they choose) ready for them on the day and to take away.

Do I get aftercare support?

Absolutely, my job as your trainer is not just about the day, but for the support and guidance I offer you after your Eyelash Extensions course. Think of me as your lifelong mentor there to assist you when you need it. Lashing can be super tricky at times, therefore is it important that you have someone there to answer any questions you have as well as just be there when you need them. I have fantastic relationships with all my students and class them as my friends. Some reach out more than others but they know I am always there for them as and when the need me.

How do I book onto one of your Eyelash Extensions Course?

Click on the BOOK NOW button at the top of the page, this will take you to a contact form. Enter your details and I will contact you back asap. This form allows me to ensure that you have selected the correct course for you, we can also go other anything else you would like to know/ask/devise a bespoke course etc. I always love to communicate and get to know my students before we meet. We are on this journey together, so this is a great place to start.

I really hope you choose Eyelash Excellence as your training provider and allow me to be a part of your continued lash journey.

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