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121 Beginner Eyelash Extension Training In Kent

Price: £
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Accredited and fully UK insurable lash course
Course time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Location: Eyelash Excellence, Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7FG
Students will be trained using Eyelash Excellence products


This course is accredited and insured by ABT, the UKs largest beauty and insurance membership provider. On successful completion of case studies, students can apply for ABT insurance, you will then be able to submit your certificate and gain insurance to work legally in the UK as a qualified lash artist.

This course is for those that have never trained in eyelash extensions before, or felt their initial beginners eyelash extension training was poor. You do not need any type of prior beauty qualification to attend this course.

New for 2024, you will be taught the most up to date lash techniques, practising with Pre mades, YY and Clover lashes to create full fluffy looks. For the past 16 years we have been teaching beginners with Classic lashes only, a single strand of hair which creates a very natural, almost too natural lash look on most people. However, it is now it is time to step into the new era of lashing! Learn how to from the “get go” create full on fluffy looks, using different types of “new technology” pre made eyelash extensions and looking at all techniques such as classic, hybrid and “volume effect” looks. These new types of eyelash extensions and techniques that we will be working with, technically still fall under classic lash qualification, which is why we have brought these in to our beginners training for 2024.

I want you to have the most up to date lash looks to offer to your clients and be ahead of the competition.

See below for the new lash looks you will be creating:

Lash Look 2023

Why train with Eyelash Excellence Frankie Widdows?

My name is Frankie Widdows, I live, sleep and breath eyelash extensions and I love sharing and teaching all the knowledge I have gained over the years to others and teaching this “correctly”. This is where I differ from many other trainings out there.
I have dedicated the past 12 years to learning my lash craft and specialising solely in Eyelash Extensions. I am a Master lash artist and expert trainer and feel my work speaks for itself.

I built my reputation early on from being one of the first lash artists who openly wanted to share my techniques and help others in what was back then a very closed industry. This catapulted me into the lash industry and my willingness to help others along with my expertise then led me to be invited to be one of the top lash judges, speakers and trainers across the globe. I then use all of this expert knowledge that most other trainers simply don’t have, to then teach my students to top level lash standards. I hope from this it shows that I know my stuff and have to continually be at the top of my lash game to keep up with these roles. In addition to this I am a product developer and supplier. I saw a niche for top quality lash products that were safe. Sadly many of the products that are used in our industry were and still are poor quality and harmful. These come out of the far east countries, with zero safety regulations and are extremely harmful to both clients and lash artists. I have spent the past 8 years developing my own range and working closely with high end UK manufacturers to provide the safest lash products there are to our industry. I am continuously working hard to stamp out unregulated products and fly the flag for safe products. I still have a long way to go in my mission to educate the lash industry to research where many of their lash products are originally manufactured and what “nasties” are really in them. However, rest assured that all of the products that you will get in your kit are the safest in the world and have met my high standards for product safety.

I am all about doing things correctly and safely and teaching my students to be the very best. Not only do I want my students to leave feeling confident, being able to apply beautiful lashes and build a successful lash business, but represent me, my high end teaching standards and continue to uphold the standards in an industry that I adore.
I have over the years taken many courses, some good but sadly most bad, however these experiences have also led me to ensure that my courses are the best they can be and always up to date.

This is why my courses are super in depth and technically run over 2 days because I cannot teach all of this in just one day. I do not just teach the basics, instead I will share with you all I have to teach you about lashes. My theory is the best out there, setting you up to understand how and why we do what we do, not only the practical application but the science behind how our products work.

Lash Styling

Can I see examples of your teaching?

Yes, pop over to my YouTube channel HERE to watch some of my videos, also don’t forget to check out the comments on my videos for feedback.

You can also find me on most other social media platforms, just enter Eyelash Excellence to find me.

I might sound big headed but I honestly believe my lash courses are the best out there and you will struggle to find a course that is as good as mine. I will teach you everything you need to know to set you up to to be the best you can –  surely that is what you are investing into right?

How does this course work?

This course is technically 2 days long, Day 1 makes up your home study online theory and day 2 is where students are invited in for the day to practice the practical elements of the course.

Once you have secured your spot on the course, we send over all of the theory content, which is super in-depth for you to work through at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. This must be completed before you attend your practical. This content is all pre-recorded where you will work through the theory online with me, like I am there with you.

On day 2 you will join the other students where during the morning session we work away from real models where we refine all of your new skills, before we move onto the afternoon session where we will be applying a full set and practising the infill procedure on your model.

What content is included in this course?

Theory content (Home study)

What are eyelash extensions?
How long do they take?
The different types (Classic, Flats, Pre-mades, Hand made volume, YY lashes, Clover lashes etc)
How are eyelash extensions measured.
What thickness can clients support?
In-depth volumetric lash calculations (calculating the correct weight for every client)
The different lash curls
How to we control our room levels optimum lash retention
Audit trails
Patch testing
How to deal with reactions
Cleaning and lash storage
Lash procedure step by step guides
How to we pad our clients
Lash mapping
Drawing your map
Symmetrical lashing
Top line effect
Hybrid sets
Correct isolation
Glue dipping
How to correctly attach the extension
How do we finish the set
Infill procedure
How much should you charge
Bonus lash styling guides
Consultation & Patch test forms examples
Flatter curls vs stronger curls
The newest lash curls
Different types of natural lash
Lash lengths and correct use of length for each client
The different type of tweezers
Lash adhesive - the science
How to work correctly with your adhesive
Meeting and working with your clients
Booking fees/deposits
The consultation process
Reactions/sensitivities to eyelash extensions
The lash equipment
Lash room set up
Lash cleansing,
Prepping lashes
Marking the eye
Working a system of lashing
Lashing in layers
Direction and uniformity
Dealing with flickery and watery eyes
How to pick up an extension
Placing the extensions
Peeling extensions off
Lash removal
Marketing your business
Lash mapping guides

Practical content (Day 2)

Understanding your kit/equipment
How to correctly remove lashes from the trays
How to pick up lashes (classics, pre-mades, YY etc)
How to correctly glue dip
How to create direction
Isolation practise on mannequin head
Practise peeling extensions off
Creating a set, following map on mannequin head to create an even set
Real model work: full set on real model: cleansing, mapping, padding, lashing, practise infill procedure, how to finish the set, taking photos
How to hold your pick up tweezers correctly
How to set up your lashes
Correct placement of lashes
How to attach the lashes
How to hold your isolation tweezers
Placement practise on a mannequin head
Lash mapping practise on mannequin head
Practise lash removal on mannequin head
Case study requirements

Do I have to take a test?

Nope…. I do not test my students as I understand not everybody is an academic. I “hope” that those investing in my courses do so because they have the same ethos as me and want to learn how to do lashes properly. As such, I trust they will have completed all their theory prior to the course and arrived prepared to start the practical. If they have not, then I will soon see on the day and the only person they will be letting down is themselves.

Can I purchase a kit

Yes, we provide 2 options of the beginners kit on the website for you to choose from. If you would like to order a kit then this can be ready for you to collect on the day (choose the click and collect option at checkout).

If you choose not to purchase a kit, then you will be provided with lash equipment to use for the practical part of the course on Day 2.

All students will receive a hard copy of my super in-depth 100 page lash manual, as well as consultation forms, lash mapping sheets and more which will be ready for them on Day 2.

Do I need a model?

Yes, students are required to provide their own model for Day 2 of the course. Models must be able to lie still comfortably for up to 3 hours with their eyes closed and no talking. Models must have good strong natural lashes and be free from makeup, strip lashes and eyelash extensions. Models must NOT be sensitive to products or suffer from watery or sensitive eyes. Models must be able to tolerate bright lights overhead. Models are to understand they are a model, therefore they have no say in the type of extensions applied to them during the training day. This will be decided by the trainer and the student.

How do case studies work?

I require you to submit and pass 4 case studies which will be completed in your own time and on x4 different models. Case studies are evidence of you being able to go away and apply the techniques taught in the course. There is no time limit to complete your case studies and ongoing support is always provided by us to help you through this process. All case study information is provided on the day so students know exactly what to do.

What happens if I fail my case studies?

Each student can re-submit their case studies twice (so three attempts in all at one case study) before I step in for extra assistance or invite them back. In all the years I have been teaching students I have only ever had one student that was invited back. This is because I believe I teach to the very highest standards and as such it is almost impossible for students to get it wrong.

Do I get a certificate?

On successful completion of case studies you will be sent out your accredited certificate.

What is the difference between an accredited course, NVQ and VTCT? It all sounds very confusing as to which course qualification I require.

Accredited courses: These are usually short courses (1-2 days) where you learn solely one subject such as lash extensions. If the course is accredited then you can gain insurance to work on the public. This is the minimum level of cover required in the UK and is one of the most popular course choices for those wanting to learn lash extensions.

NVQ: NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification, and is a qualification in your chosen subject, at your chosen level (2, 3, 4 etc). NVQs are offered by lots of different awarding bodies, such as VTCT, City & Guilds, ITEC, CIBTAC, CIDESCO etc. They are usually carried out at a college, school, or workplace and can take from 1-2 years to complete.

However you will find some 1-2 day NVQ courses which provide exactly the same qualification as accredited courses. If you want to work in a salon, then you may find that some employees prefer the NVQ qualification but this is not a legal requirement.

VTCT stands for Vocational Training and Charitable Trust. They are an awarding body, who offers qualifications. They offer NVQ qualifications as well as others.

To keep things really simple, if you want to be able to gain certification and insurance to work on the public then all will provide the above, however short accredited courses are the most popular for lash artists who either want to set up their own self employed business or work in most salons.

How many students are on the course?

These days I now only offer 121 training, which means you are the only student on the course and you receive my full attention throughout the day along with the in-depth training you need to be able to learn the art of lashing. Sadly many training academies still cram lots of students into a course. This is not only dangerous due to the lack of supervision that can then be provided, but students are then often left on their own for long periods of time where that trainer is trying to teach every student.

How long is the day?

Day 2 commences at 10am and runs till approx. 6-7pm.

Is the course fun?

Absolutely, learning should be fun. Of course the day is long and intense however it will fly by in the blink of an eye. I like my courses to be fun, friendly and relaxed, the more we can enjoy the learning process the better we learn and have the confidence to leave and put everything into practice. I like to hope that I am a friendly approachable person who loves lashes and sharing those skills with others, and I also hope that is why I am still invited to continue to judge, teach and speak all across the globe.

Where are you located, are you easy to find, park, where can my model wait etc?

We are located at the beautiful University of Kent in Canterbury. There are excellent transport links to where we are, not far off the motorway by car, train and by bus.
We have private secure free parking, a large canteen and break out area on site as well as local shops and restaurants only a few minutes walk away.
Models can either spend their time in the canteen, or take a short drive, taxi or even walk to the city centre of Canterbury.

*Models are not permitted to sit in on the course until they are required at 3pm.*

Do I get continued support?

Yes 100%, you will never be alone. You will need support throughout your lash journey as there will of course always be questions you will have and problems to troubleshoot. You will always have access to me and my team as and when you need it – just reach out and I am there. I never chase my students as I appreciate everyone is busy, however they always know I am there for them whenever they need me.

For me my student’s training is not just about the day, but a continued journey that they will always be on and I will be there to support them if and when they need it.

Over the years I have trained thousands of students who have become close friends, amazing lash artists, business owners as well as trainers, speakers and even lash judges. It is the best feeling to watch my students grow into amazing talented lash artists, upholding the standards of the industry and I would love for you to join that journey too.

We reserve the right to cancel any course by giving you notice in writing in accordance with Clause 14.8, at least 1 week before the course start date. If we cancel a course before the course start date, you will be eligible for a full refund of the course fee. We may also offer a transfer to another course date.

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