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121 Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course (Hand Made Volume Fans)

Price: £
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Accredited and fully UK insurable lash course
Course time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Location: Eyelash Excellence, Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7FG
Students will be trained using Eyelash Excellence products

Welcome to the most advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course, designed to elevate your lash artistry to unparalleled heights.

My name is Frankie Widdows and I am a renowned lash expert in the art of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions.

I was one of the first Lash artists in the UK to master the Russian Volume technique. In early 2013, I trained under the esteemed Nadia Afanaseva in New York and brought this artistry back to the UK, adding my unique touch.

I am obsessed with attention to detail and creating perfection in every fan, so this I teach to my students.

My “pet peeve” is seeing messy and imperfect volume fans, therefore my courses only allows “Frankie approved perfect fans”. If you would like to learn how to produce only these, then my Russian Volume Eyelash Extension course is for you.

Course Details:

  • Length: A comprehensive 1.5-day course
  • (1/2 day home study): Dive into the home study theory, laying the foundation for precision. Your home study material will be sent to you once you have secured your place on the course. Work through this 
  • Classroom practical (10am -5pm): This takes place at my academy, on the date shown on the website under the course you booked. Students are required to have completed their home study prior to this date. In the morning session of the practical day, you'll tackle x4 different pickup techniques, perfecting each before creating a full set on a mannequin head.

What content is included in this course?

(Theory content home study) 
Sent via email, downloadable manual and online theory videos to watch

What is Russian volume?
Correct Russian volume fans
Incorrect vs correct application
Client expectations
The different types of volume lash thickness
The different volume effects
How do you know what level of volume is safe?
The volumetric lash calculations formula
Premade vs handmade fans
The different types of volume tweezers
How we correctly hold our tweezers
Which type of fan creates which effect?
Fan consistency
T- bars - what are they?
Correct, glue dipping for volume fans (this is not classics!)
Volume lash styling
How we balance our volume sets
Distance to the lash line
The correct length for volume extensions
Direction of our fans for perfect uniformity
How do we work in lash layers?
The correct coverage for volume?
How we wrap our volume fans.
Client, after-care for volume lashes
Volume infills
and more....

Practical content (Day 2)

How to hold your tweezers
How to separate volume lashes
How to create a basic fan
How to remove from the strip and keep the fan intact
How to correct crossed bases.
x4 different volume techniques (perfect each technique)
How to glue dip
How to attach and wrap
Full set of chosen technique(s) on a mannequin head.

Why use a Mannequin and not a real model?

Unlike other courses, I prioritise your learning experience. Working on a mannequin allows you to focus on precision without the stress of time constraints or client interactions. This method ensures you grasp the technique thoroughly and confidently ready to continue your practise outside of the classroom and progressing onto real models

Unparalleled Expertise:

I draw on my extensive experience as a competition judge and Russian Volume expert to deliver a high-end training experience that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Accredited and certified

This course is accredited and insurable by ABT. On successful completion of case studies, you will be issued with your certificate.

How do case studies work?

This course requires students to pass x4 case studies to be certified. Case studies are photographic and video evidence of your lash work, to showcase your understanding of the theory and practical taught in the course and your ability to apply those techniques to live models outside of your training.
There is no time limit to complete your case studies and full information/guidance is provided on the day.

What happens if I fail my case studies?

Each student can re-submit their case studies twice (so three attempts in all at one case study) before I step in for extra assistance. If you follow all that has been taught, it is very rare for students to fail case studies, but if you do, don’t worry I am here to assist you every step of the way.

Do need to buy an eyelash extensions kit?

There is no requirement to buy a kit for this course, everything you need will be provided on the day, However, we do provide a super Russian volume kit for students which you can add to your course booking and can be ready for you to collect on the day. Click HERE to view our kit.

Do I get aftercare support?

Absolutely and for however long you need it. I am always on hand to assist my students so just reach out and I will get back to you asap. Your lash journey is not just about the course, but the real journey starts after, and it is paramount that you have a trainer/mentor on hand to assist you. I build wonderful relationships/friendships with my students and love watching their journey over the years. I want you to become part of the Eyelash Excellence family, so please always reach out and keep me updated throughout your lash journey.

You can contact me at [email protected] and I am always happy to assist.

Do I get a student discount?

Yes, all students receive lifetime 15% off Eyelash Excellence products. Your student discount code can be found in your course content.

Are your courses fun?

I really hope so. I always try to make learning fun for my students: if we can enjoy the journey then learning is easy. I do not class myself as an academic, I am much more hands on practical and therefore structure my courses in this way so that anyone of any ability can learn.

How many students are on the course?

This is a 121 course, so you are the only student on the course and benefit from my sole attention on the day.

I am a bit unsure whether to invest in this course, can I see examples of your work, your teaching, reviews etc.?

I understand, it is a big decision to invest in one of my courses, especially when there are so many other trainers and online courses to choose from and probably at a fraction of the cost. But please remember, you get what you pay for and sadly our industry is now saturated with so many “quickly put together” courses which are just terrible.

You can see more of what I get up to on my Instagram channel @eyelashexcellence as well as on my YouTube which can be found here. Bear in mind I do have some very old videos on there, which are poor film quality/old school techniques, but I leave them live due to the great feedback on them. I do have some more fab new high-quality videos coming soon so stay tuned.

If you have any questions that have not been covered in the above, please feel free to get in touch at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Ready to master the art of Russian Volume? Enrol now and embark on a journey of precision, perfection, and expertise.

What are you waiting for, book now...

Who is this Russian Volume course suitable for?

I recommend at least 12 months classic lashing experience, however this is not always a given. Any student wanting to learn hand made Russian Volume must be confident and proficient in classic lashes and have a good understanding of the fundamentals of classic lashing, as well as be able to create a classic set in 2 hours or under.

Russian Volume is an advanced form of lashing, this course is here to show you how to create precision volume fans and apply them to your clients. It is not here to assist you with improving your other lash skills that might be lacking.

Students must be confident in the following:
Have good tweezers skills
Be proficient at picking up classic lashes
Be confident in isolation and placement
Have a basic understanding of lash mapping and eye shapes
Create a classic set in 2 hours or under
Overall feel they have good knowledge of the treatment of eyelash extensions

Do not be fooled by trainers who teach Russian Volume to complete beginners, or those with poor lash skills. In my opinion this is wrong. Russian Volume is advanced lashing, therefore can only be taught and mastered as an add on to the fundamental lash skills already possessed . My example is that it is like teaching someone to drive a lorry who has yet to drive a car! I will never take a student's money and promise I can teach them and that all they need to do is "go away and practise". Sadly many do and this is why I still re-train so many students in the volume technique.

If you are unsure whether this course is suitable for you, please get in touch and I can assess your current level.

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