Fan Perfection Course

Fan Perfection Course


If you are looking to perfect your volume fanning technique, then this course is for you. I will show you how I create perfect fans every time using precision and skill, meaning no more guess work, or getting lucky for that perfect fan.

This course has been developed to make learning fun and easy. I will guide you step by step through the content and show you how to achieve finesse and perfection in your volume work.

Purchase Fan Perfection Course + a Russian Volume Lash Kit

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Optional Kit contains

  • Ultra Fast Adhesive
  • Under eye gel pads
  • Hand tested volume tweezers
  • C curl 0.05 & 0.07mm Russian eyelash extensions
  • D curl 0.07mm Russian eyelash extensions
  • Volume hand dome
  • Dental mirror
  • Mascara Wands
  • Flocked Applicators
  • Sticky bounce pad squares
  • Practice sponge


Ok, we all know that volume isn’t easy to perfect, if it was then we would all be awesome at it. Instead it takes hours of practice to perfect and only those that are willing to put in the practice will succeed. However, I will share with you all my hints, tips, tricks and techniques that make creating those perfect fans pretty easy once you know how.

I have done the hard work for you, spending years practicing and perfecting the volume technique. I have travelled the world to train with some of the other great trainers out there, I have taught my techniques worldwide and judged some of the best volume technicians in the world. As such I have an excellent understanding of not only the theory behind volume, but the practical application, and I have simplified all this and will show you how you too can achieve perfection in your volume work.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • The already trained volume technician. You MUST already hold a Volume certificate within the volume technique. If you are not already volume trained, then you MUST take a “Beginners volume course” which we have both in person and online on the website. This course is to assist you with your current techniques only and producing perfect fans

  • Those that want to finesse and perfect their current fanning techniques, are struggling with an existing technique or would like to explore some additional pickup methods

  • Want to perfect the wrap or understand how and why we attempt it. I explain why we wrap and demonstrate how we attempt this technique

  • Struggling with creating fluff or finding that your fans are closing on application. I explain why and show you how to prevent this

  • Felt that your initial training was poor, but don’t want to retake another beginner’s volume class, but feel you are not yet ready for advanced volume. This course will assist you in bridging those gaps in your volume knowledge

  • Those that suffer with the dreaded crossed base or T bars. I will show you why this happens and how to rectify this – I will show you a super AMAZING simple trick to get a perfect seamless base every time

  • Struggling on knowing how to create a wide or narrow fan – I will explain the difference and how to create these

  • Struggling to find the perfect pair of tweezers. I will explain what makes a good volume pair of tweezers and most importantly how to hold and work with those tweezers to create perfect fans

What is covered in this course?

  • In-depth theory Part 1

  • In-depth theory Part 2

  • In-depth theory Part 3

  • Volume products

  • Types of volume tweezers

  • How to hold your tweezers correctly

  • Volume set-up

  • Dome vs Tile

  • Pick-up Technique 1

  • Pick-up Technique 2

  • Pick-up Technique 3

  • Pick-up Technique 4

  • Pick-up Technique 5

  • Pick-up Technique 6

  • Creating bigger fans

  • Narrow vs Wide fans

  • Using a Jade stone

  • Correct precision adhesive dipping technique

  • The tweezer tension trick (perfect bases)

  • My AMAZING magic trick for perfect seamless bases

  • Fan perfection practice – sponge work

  • The wrapping technique

  • Attachment practice – mannequin

  • Application on a real model

  • The Polaris tweezer Bonus video

  • And more…

What you will need for this course:

As you are already volume trained you might already have the products required for this course. However you can purchase a volume kit or if you prefer to purchase the products individually you can at  what you will need to practice your fans:

  • 1x pair of volume tweezers
  • 1x pair of isolating tweezers
  • 1x tray of mixed lengths 0.07 and 0.05 in C curl
  • 1x Volume glue (non-wicking)

Case Studies & Certification:

Once you feel ready you are to complete and pass 2 case studies, on completion of your 2nd case study you will be issued with your certification.

Full case study requirements can be found at please read these before doing your case studies as it clearly sets out the criteria and requirements required for each course.

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