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Dumont Tweezers

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The Dumont Tweezers Inox 08 tweezer is one of our best selling products, which you can see by the reviews and praise of this product not only on here but on various social media pages.

  • Matt tweezers 7SP Inox 08 0708-7SP-PS.
  • Lightweight balanced design
  • Perfect for precision volume work (creating fans)
  • Lovingly hand tested by Frankie Widdows for quality and precision
  • Short curved head for added precision
  • Sweet spot set at the tip


Read below for more information.

In stock


The Incredible Dumont tweezers

Due to the soft material used for these Dumont Tweezers, we do not recommend them for techniques where the tweezers are used to scrape the sticky strip to fan the lashes. This will quickly damage the tips of your tweezers and push them out of alignment.

Did you know that Dumont tweezers are NOT designed for the volume lash industry, it’s actually a high grade, high quality steel precision tweezer made in Switzerland by the company Dumont. It is primarily designed for medical or crime scene work where the precision tip offers superior grab for the finest of materials such as needles, fine hairs and of course eyelash extensions. This is why it has now dominated the lash industry due to its precise grip.

This tweezer has its sweet spot set on the very tip – this is how it offers such precision compared to other tweezers. This grab area is called the sweet spot – where the maximum pressure and “meet” point of the tweezer is located.

If the sweet spot on a tweezer is located further off the tip or is larger than this minimal grab area, then you then CANNOT have such a precision tip that this offers – as it is all to do with the design of the tweezer and the contact area.

The sweet spot on the Dumont tweezers will be set at the first 1-3mm on this tweezer, any further back and this will not work.

Each tweezer we sell does work, but the lash artist must understand that despite this, each will feel and work slightly different to the next. Each of our Dumont tweezers are all hand finished by humans that work under microscopes and as such there will always be a minimal fraction of difference between each tweezer.

Each of our Dumont tweezers are tested by Frankie Widdows up to 8D with 0.05mm thickness lash to ensure they do work and then make it to the shop.

Due to the precision and minimal sweet spot on this tweezer, some lash technicians struggle to work with this tweezer, because they are not working on the sweet spot. They are used to working with a cheaper poor quality stainless steel tweezer that may have a larger grab area, but does not have the precision tip of the Dumont which is required to fan out the lashes.

Frankie says “From personal experience, this tweezer took me a full week of working with it away from the client, only then was I able to locate the sweet spot. At first I blamed the tweezer, but actually it was me that was at fault. I was attempting to work too far off the tip, thinking they would be like another tweezer I had been using – however this is now my favourite choice of tool.”

We do NOT recommend this tweezer to be suitable for the following technicians:

  • Heavy handed tech, who twists the tweezers out of alignment
  • The tech that works away from the tip
  • The novice lash tech – new to volume
  • The tech that lacks the strength to grab the fan in the tweezer at 95-100% power
  • The tech that often drops their tweezers
  • The tech that often gets glue on their tweezers

Care instructions:

Do NOT leave in sanitising/sterilising solution for more than 20 mins

Dry off the tweezers thoroughly before storing, if not they can rust

Do NOT drop – pair with our tweezer strap which you can find here

Store in a protective tube with the protective tip cover

Do NOT use these tweezers for any other task than creating fans (precision of the tips will be lost)

Please watch this video to assist with using these tweezers:

Additional information

Weight 22 g
Dimensions 16 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

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