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Flat lashes – Mixed trays

£14.50 + VAT if applicable

Flat lashes took the lash industry by storm when they were introduced in 2015. We now had an eyelash extension that looked thick and black yet weighed less than the standard classic lash.

So how can this be?

The traditional classic lash under a microscope is a conical shape which tapers from base to tip. Where as the flat lash or ellipse lash is like a plank of wood (flat) along the main length and only at the very tips does it taper to a split forked tip. Therefore the flat lash appears much thicker throughout the whole length thus giving the appearance of a thicker fuller effect.


Flat lashes

A great lash service for those wanting a thicker darker looking set, yet still request the classic eyelash treatment.

Our Flat lashes are for the classic one-on-one lash technique, attach from either the top or bottom of the natural lash.

These lashes are also known as Ellipse lashes, they provide a flat base which improves retention due to the bonding area.

Soft and flexible, double split tip, dark look to create stunning full looking eyelash extensions.

Super lightweight due to their design, as such may be doubled up to create a fuller look.

See our chart below to assist with how much weight your client can support when wearing flat lashes.

Flat Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions Mixed

The visual images of client’s natural lashes (along the top), show the thickness of eyelash extension the client support if wearing classic lashes. The flat lash guide down the left side shows what flat lash they could wear and how many.

Our lashes are the best quality you will find. They have been through months of testing on real clients to ensure they meet our high standards. See our images below of our clients wearing Eyelash Excellence flat lashes.

Flat Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions Mixed

Available in the following curls: B,C,CC,D, L+

Available in the following thickness: 0.12,

These are also available in single lengths trays. Just click here to purchase.

These lashes can also be used to create the strip lash look, as such we do offer extra-long lengths up to 20mm in these, Click here to see our range.

We also offer these in colour, check out the range at:

We are slowly introducing new packaging to our lash trays – lash tray designs may vary from our old plastic trays to our new cardboard ones.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1.5 cm

C Curl, D Curl, CC Curl


0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.20


Mixed Length, Kim K Length (12mm-20mm)


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