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No 1 Guide on Lash Competitions – How to win

£21.95 + VAT if applicable

How often do you get to the pick the brains of one of the industries leading top lash judges? Well now you can….
Thinking about entering Lash Competitions but don’t know where to start? This guide will talk you through the process of lash competitions and what the Judges are looking for.
If you understand what is required and where you can gain or drop marks, then placing high or even winning at a lash competition is relatively easy and this guide will tell you how you can do it.
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With over 9 years experience in the Lash Industry, Frankie Widdows, International judge, brings you her digital download that will explain all you need to know about Lash Competitions.
Time and time again, Frankie sees the same common mistakes made at competition level which have caused that competitor to drop major marks. If only they had read this guide they would have kept those marks, scored high and been in with a chance of being at the top of the leader board.
Her in-depth  guide will give you a backstage insight as to what goes on at these lash competitions and how to hit those high marks. Ever wondered what the judges are “really” looking for and where competitors either excel or fail, now you can learn how to showcase your best work and gain those top marks.
If you are serious about competing, then this No 1 guide is the must have to add to your lash library.


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