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Online Eyelash Extensions Mega Volume Course

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Are you ready to take the next stage in your volume lashing career?
Do your clients desire even more volume than you already offer with the standard Russian Volume technique of 2D-8D?

If the answer is yes, then this course is for you.

Who does this course suit:

The experienced Russian volume technician who has mastered the art of working with volume up to 6D using 0.05mm and is now ready to progress onto creating over 6D with 0.03/0.04s.

Who this course does NOT suit:

The inexperienced Russian volume technician, who still struggles with fan work and hasn’t yet worked with lashes thinner than 0.07mm. If this is you, then our fan perfection online course would suit you better.

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Russian Volume is the use of ultra-fine extensions namely 0.05, 0.06, 0.07 that are picked up in a ‘multiple lash pickup’ technique, to create a ‘fan’ or ‘bouquet’ of eyelash extensions from 2D-8D.

However Mega volume is the use of much thinner lashes, 0.03mm and 0.04mm in 9D-16D to create a much fuller look than can be achieved with Russian volume.

The use of these ultra-fine lashes allows us to keep the lash weight light, yet still create the Mega volume effect that clients desire.

The level of Mega volume that we use can vary, depending on the look desired by the client, as well as what their natural lashes can safely support – so although we have the ability to create more volume, we must always ensure that we do not overload the natural lashes and cause damage.

There are many benefits to gaining the skill of Mega volume including;

  • Being able to cater for those clients that want the fullest effect possible
  • Natural progression in your lashing career
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Increase in Lash Revenue
  • Corner the market – when you become an expert at your craft!

So, if you want to take your lashing to the next step and develop your career then this is the course for you.

What is covered in this course?

  • Intense and in-depth theory for Mega volume
  • Introduction to Mega volume and correct fans to use
  • How much volume is safe – (volumetric lash calculator)
  • Mega volume attachment techniques
  • Mega volume effects
  • Mega volume aftercare
  • Eye Styling
  • Mega volume products
  • The real truth about Mega volume
  • Correct Mega volume fans
  • Correct tweezer holding for better fan control
  • Mega Volume preparation for pick up
  • Pick up 1
  • Pick up 2
  • Pick up 3
  • Frankie’s Mega volume pick up
  • Mega glue dipping for correct adhesive use
  • Mega magic trick for seamless bases every time
  • Mega mirror link technique
  • Mega super sharp top line effect
  • Mega volume selective full/coverage
  • Correct Mega volume system of lashing
  • Mega volume correct styling for customer satisfaction
  • Watch me Mega volume lash my client in real time – real salon lashing

Online Training, Case Studies & Certification:

We offer 2 course options, to suit every student:
Option 1:  Access to the course content (theory and practical) and a free download of your certificate to state you have “worked through the online course content”. The certificate is in an editable PDF format, for you to add your name and the date.
(This option is suitable for those that may be taking this course as a refresher, do not want to submit case studies or may not want to receive an accredited certificate).
Option 2: Access to the course content (theory and practical) as well as in-depth assessment and feedback of your case studies.  This also includes an accredited certificate which will be issued to you on successful completion of your case studies and reflects the high standards that you met as set by Eyelash Excellence. Case study requirements can be found at:
(This option is suitable for those that want to have their work assessed and in-depth feedback given to push them to be the very best and meet the high end lash standards set by Eyelash Excellence.  This option is for those that require an accredited certificate so that they can gain insurance).


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