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Spikes Eyelash Extensions

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Spikes Eyelash Extensions

Creating perfect spikes for those wispy lash sets can be harder than you think. With our spikes eyelash extensions the hard work is done for you. Simply remove from the tray and add to your sets for the perfect spikes every time.

The wispy strip lash look has been trending over the years. The use of spikes eyelash extensions placed within your set creates texture and extra drama for those clients that ask for this type of look.

Our 0.05mm spikes come in C/CC/D curls in lengths 8-18mm

Please help us go green by reusing our gorgeous lash trays.


Our perfect spikes eyelash extensions are the must have lash for those of you that offer the wispy strip lash look.

However, creating consistent spikes is tough therefore our ready made spikes allow you to have perfect spikes every time. Simply remove from the tray and apply to your set. For the best looking wispy set we recommend that you use between 11-13 spikes per eye.

We have given you a variety of lash lengths to cater for every lash artist, whether creating short or extra dramatic long spikes.

Our trays of spikes eyelash extensions come in mixed lengths of 8-12mm or 13-18mm and in curls C/CC/D. We have chosen the thickness of 0.05mm so that when using extra long lengths the weight will still be safe yet the spikes thick enough to be visible.

Want to learn more when it comes to creating the perfect strip lash wispy look, why not check out our online course dedicated to this subject, click here for our wispy strip lash look online course.

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