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The Best Volumetric Lash Calculations Mini Course

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Are you confused by how eyelash extensions are measured or how much they weigh and as such, are worried  whether you are lashing your clients safely?

Are you an educator, or looking to become one, but currently lack the understanding of how we can correctly, mathematically and precisely select the correct level of volume and teach it in depth to others?

If the answer is yes, then this mini theory-based volumetric lash calculations course is what you need to understand and be able to educate others on lashing safely.

I have developed this mini course to make learning this subject fun and easy. I will guide you step by step through the process, breaking it down in easy to follow calculations which you will be able to easily understand and apply every day to either your clients or students.

Download your 30 page manual that you can keep for reference as well has having lifetime access to this volumetric lash calculations video content, it never expires.

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In this volumetric lash calculations I have done all the hard work here, so you don’t need to. I will share with you how to easily and precisely understand and calculate the correct level of volume that your clients can wear for not only Classic, but Volume and Flat lashes as well.

I know that there are some lash techs out there, like me, who do not like Maths – it terrifies me, however I have broken this down in an easy to follow 46 minute simple guide that anyone can understand, and you do not need to be good at maths!

What is covered in this course?

  • Visual understanding of what natural lashes can hold when wearing volume lashes

  • Visual understanding of what natural lashes can hold when wearing Flat lashes

  • How do we know this – how are extensions measured?

  • How do we figure out the space/weight of an extension?

  • How to use the mathematical formula to calculate

  • Classic lash shape vs Flat lash shape

  • How to calculate the volume of a conical shaped extension

  • How to calculate the volume of flat lash shaped extension

  • The results and how to use them (Charts for you to keep)

  • Can we stack flat lashes, if so how to do so correctly

  • Examples and practical lash calculation exercises to ensure you fully understand the formulas and can confidently calculate them with ease

Who is this mini course suitable for?

  • Both the novice to the experienced lash technician

  • Classic and Volume trained technicians

  • Educators as well as those considering becoming an educator and MUST know this subject in depth

  • Those that have taken an advanced classic or volume class but felt this wasn’t covered


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