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Eyelash Excellence Beginners Eyelash Extension Course

Written on  October 19, 2023
Classic Beginners Course

What is the best beginner’s eyelash extension course? Eyelash Excellence of course…….

Why? At Eyelash Excellence, you will be taught by Frankie Widdows, an Award-winning lash expert specialising solely in eyelash extensions. She has been a lash artist since 2012 and in this time has built up an impressive reputation and resumé in the lash world.

Lash Competition Judging

Over the years she has travelled the world teaching her lash techniques to thousands of students across the globe. Not only does she run her own international eyelash extension courses, but also gets invited by salon owners. Her skill and technical work were recognised early on in her lash career, which opened invites to be a top lash judge at the world’s biggest eyelash extension competitions. She has travelled the world judging some of the best lash artists and offering her expert critique on their work. Her role as a top lash judge requires her to constantly be at the top of her game in all aspects of eyelash extensions, and these skills she uses to teach all er students from beginner to advanced levels.

Ask yourself this – how often to you get the opportunity to train with a real lash expert like Frankie? Fact, if you want to be taught correctly and learn the high-end competition standard lash secrets that many trainers do not and cannot teach, due to their restricted knowledge, then you need to seek out lash trainers like Frankie. She lives, sleeps and breathes eyelash extensions, ask her any question on any subject or lash technique and she can answer or teach it.

Frankie also teaches the most up to date lash techniques, practising with Pre mades, YY and Clover lashes to create full on fluffy looks. Up until now, Beginner’s lash courses have only taught those new to eyelash extensions with Classic lashes: a single strand of hair which creates a very natural, almost too natural lash look on most people. However, it is now time to step into the new era of lashing! Now you will learn how to create full on fluffy effects on your clients, using different types of “new technology” pre made eyelash extensions which also include YY, Clover, Easy fans etc.. These new types of eyelash extensions and techniques technically still fall under classic lash qualification, which is why they have been brought into the beginners training.

What is covered in this Eyelash Excellence Beginners Lash Course?

As stated before, Frankie’s courses do not just cover the basics, instead the super advanced aspects of lashing which you won’t find in other beginner lash courses.


  • What are eyelash extensions?
  • How long do they take?
  • The different types (Classic, Flats, Pre-mades, Hand made volume, YY lashes, Clover lashes etc)
  • How are eyelash extensions measured.
  • What thickness can clients support?
  • In-depth volumetric lash calculations (calculating the correct weight for every client)
  • The different lash curls
  • How to we control our room levels optimum lash retention
  • Audit trails
  • Patch testing
  • Contractions
  • How to deal with reactions
  • Cleaning and lash storage
  • Lash procedure step by step guides
  • How do we pad our clients
  • Lash mapping
  • Drawing your map
  • Symmetrical lashing
  • Top line effect
  • Hybrid sets
  • Correct isolation
  • Glue dipping
  • How to correctly attach the extension
  • How do we finish the set
  • Infill procedure
  • How much should you charge
  • Bonus lash styling guides
  • Consultation & Patch test forms examples
  • Flatter curls vs stronger curls
  • The newest lash curls
  • Different types of natural lash
  • Lash lengths and correct use of length for each client
  • The different type of tweezers


  • Lash adhesive - the science
  • How to work correctly with your adhesive
  • Meeting and working with your clients
  • Booking fees/deposits
  • The consultation process
  • Contraindications
  • Reactions/sensitivities to eyelash extensions
  • The lash equipment
  • Lash room set up
  • Lash cleansing,
  • Prepping lashes
  • Marking the eye
  • Working a system of lashing
  • Lashing in layers
  • Direction and uniformity
  • Dealing with flickery and watery eyes
  • How to pick up an extension
  • Placing the extensions
  • Peeling extensions off
  • Aftercare
  • Infill procedure
  • Infilling other work
  • Lash removal
  • Marketing your business
  • Lash mapping guides

Practical Content (Day 2)

  • Understanding your kit/equipment
  • How to correctly remove lashes from the trays
  • How to pick up lashes (classics, pre-mades, YY etc)
  • How to correctly glue dip
  • How to create direction
  • Isolation practise on mannequin head
  • Practise peeling extensions off
  • Creating a set, following map on mannequin head to create an even set
  • Real model work: full set on real model: cleansing, mapping, padding, lashing, practise infill procedure,
    how to finish the set, taking photos
  • Finish
  • How to hold your pick up tweezers correctly
  • How to set up your lashes
  • Correct placement of lashes
  • How to attach the lashes
  • How to hold your isolation tweezers
  • Placement practise on a mannequin head
  • Lash mapping practise on mannequin head
  • Practise lash removal on mannequin head
  • Case study requirements

There is never any time limit for students to complete their case studies, and continued aftercare support is offered by Frankie to all students. Training is never just about the day, but the real journey starts from there on and it is paramount that students have their trainer there to assist them whenever they need. All students also receive lifetime 15% discount off Eyelash Excellence products.

So, if you are looking to start a career in Eyelash Extensions, look no further, come and visit Frankie on one of her Beginner Eyelash Extension courses in Canterbury, Kent, UK and begin your new journey as a lash artist.

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