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How do we correctly apply eyelash extensions to mature clients?

Written on  October 12, 2023
How do we correctly apply eyelash extensions to mature clients

Most mature clients have no idea that they can wear eyelash extensions, instead they believe it is a beauty trend only for the younger client. However, the truth is that out of all the age groups, it is the more mature clients who achieve the most benefit from wearing eyelash extensions.

As we mature the natural eyelashes thin out, lose their length and thickness and can become very sparse and gappy. In addition to this, as we age the skin above our eyelid can start to descend over the natural lashes making the eye look small and sleepy. Even when mature clients apply mascara, they usually find it does very little to improve the appearance of the natural lashes, so this is where eyelash extensions can be the perfect treatment for the mature client.

Sadly, most mature clients are unaware that they are the perfect candidates for eyelash extensions. Most only ever see the big, bold black fake looking lashes which anyone can see from a mile away. What they do not notice is the select few clients who are wearing well suited extensions which complement their own and to the untrained eye, look just like a perfect set of natural yet full eyelash extensions.

And with the advancements in the lash industry, we now have so many different type of eyelash extensions we can offer our mature clients that keeps the lash weight light, yet provides a full, fluffy and age appropriate effect.

This is where as lash artists we need to really educate our mature clients as to how lash extensions are the perfect treatment for them, rather than focus solely on the younger client base and what seems to be the “only ever promoted” mega volume looks.

However, understanding how to appropriately lash and style mature clients is paramount. You cannot just do on them what you do on other clients, and this is where many lash artists get it wrong when they attempt a set on a more mature client. This is why many mature clients that attempt to wear eyelash extensions, never return to their lash artist, and why many lash artists shy away from mature clients.

Mature client features:

  • Hooded eyes
  • Low brows
  • Overall appearance of sleepy look
  • Small eyes
  • Short, straight, sparse, fine natural lashes
  • Sunken eyes
  • Skin tones are more grey/washed out
How do we correctly apply eyelash extensions to mature clients 2

We have to really understand and consider how to work with all the above features where a lot of correctional work is involved.

Corrections required:

  • Lift and open the eye which appears smaller and sleepy as we age
  • Use a length and curl which extends out of the hooded eyelid skin
  • Use a thickness which does not cause damage to the delicate aging natural lashes
  • Consider the use of brown eyelash extensions, black can be too harsh
  • Use the correct type of extension (usually volume types)

Why should we attract more mature clients?

  • These are the clients who really NEED eyelash extensions
  • They have the disposable income to spend on Eyelash Extensions
  • They appreciate a good set of extensions/become loyal clients
  • Can recommend you to all their mature friends
  • Reliable, flexible as most are retired

What products do I suggest to use on mature lash clients?

Volume types of extensions are needed on mature lashes which are usually fine, short and sparse. I always favour the following:

How do we correctly apply eyelash extensions to mature clients 3

Want to learn more? Then why not take my online Masterclass below, the best investment you can make to really understand how to lash these mature clients.

Eyelash Extensions For Mature ClientsEyelash Extensions For Mature Clients - Content ExampleEyelash Extensions For Mature Clients - Contents
  • Eyelash Extensions For Mature Clients
  • Eyelash Extensions For Mature Clients - Content Example
  • Eyelash Extensions For Mature Clients - Contents

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