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The Original YY Lashes (New packaging)

£16.95 + VAT if applicable

New packaging design

Our Original YY Lashes are the new volume lash and proving to be one of our most popular products we retail. YY lashes apply with the ease of Classic application yet create the volume effect. A speedy volume service yet as quick as Classic lash application, what’s not to love? And best yet, you get lots in a tray, crammed in just like individual lashes so they are a cost effective high profit margin service for the artist.

The YY lash helps bridge the gap between classics and volume  – almost like a pre-made fan. Applied in the same way as classics, yet create a fuller, softer and fluffier effect similar to volume. YY Lashes also offer great retention due to their straight base which provides superior contact area for improved adhesion.
Each YY fan contains either x4 extensions of 0.07mm or x4 extensions of 0.05mm so a thickness to suit every client.

Available in C/CC/D curls

Read below to understand the difference between our Original YY Lashes and Straight Tipped YY lashes….



We have recently changed our packaging, therefore your new lash trays may look slightly different.  But don’t worry, they are the same superb lashes but with a different tray design.

What is the difference between our Original YY Lashes and Straight Tipped YY Lashes?

Normal YY – Offers a more textured spiky effect with the tips spread open wider for a Hybrid type effect.

Straight Tipped – Offers a softer, volume effect with the tips closer together.

How to use YY eyelash extensions:
Grab the YY lash (the YY fan) half way between the top and the bottom of the extension. The key to keeping the YY lash intact is grabbing just before the base splits into the YY which you will see is about half way on the YY eyelash extension, then apply as you would a classic extension.

Please refer to your volumetric lash calculations guide to ensure you use the suitable YY lash for your clients and do not overload the natural lashes. We have an amazing mini online course which is the “must have” guide for every tech and MUST be understood in depth if you wish to offer any form of volume to your clients –

Below is a guide, based on what a natural lash that could support if that client was wearing a classic/one by one extension.

0.20 = max of (6 x 0.07mm) – NOT recommended – few clients can support this weight

0.15 = max of (4 x 0.07mm) or (7 x 0.06mm) or (9 x 0.05mm)

0.12 = max of (3 x 0.07mm) or (4 x 0.06mm) or (6 x 0.05mm)

0.10 = max of (2 x 0.07mm) or (3 x 0.06mm) or (4 x 0.05mm)

Why not try these with our popular adhesive “Supersonic” which can be found at:

Additional information

Weight 38 g
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 2 cm

0.05, 0.07


C, CC, D


Mixed Lengths, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm


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