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Spring And Autumn Lash Sheds. Fact Or Fiction?

Written on  October 12, 2023
Spring and Autumn lash sheds. Fact or Fiction?

Are the spring and Autumn lash sheds real, or is it an excuse used by lash artists as to why their clients’ lashes don’t last? Having been a lash artist for over 12 years, I can tell you that the spring and Autumn lash shed is most certainly real. During these periods you will see your clients losing more lashes than usual however this process is completely natural….let me explain why.

Humans are just like other animals who shed their coats during the spring and autumn. If you are an owner of a cat, dog, horse etc, you will know exactly what I am talking about. For animals in the spring, they will shed out their winter coats, ready to replace with a thinner coat for the summer, then when autumn approaches, they will shed the summer coat ready for the winter. And although as humans, we no longer need summer and winter coats, it is still a natural phenomenon that humans experience – just not to the degree of animals.

Spring and Autumn lash sheds. Fact or Fiction 2

The loss of lashes often goes unnoticed for people without lash extensions as the natural lashes are so fine that you rarely notice when they shed, but when you have individual lash extensions or fans attached to your natural lashes, it can become more noticeable. It is for this reason we need to make sure that both lash artists and their clients are educated on the spring and autumn lash shed.

It is vital to educate your clients about the lash shedding seasons, so that they know what to expect during these times of the year. A newsletter or blanket text message can be a great way to include all the information they need which they can refer back to. Always reassure your clients that this is completely natural and that within 3-4 weeks it will go back to normal. You can suggest lash serums to them to help strengthen their natural lashes and may also want to recommend they come for an infill sooner than they usually would. The lash shed can affect clients differently, so keep client notes up to date especially during this time so that you are ready for their next shed season.

Tips for lash shedding season:

  • Book your clients in for more frequent infills during this period
  • Use lighter extensions as the natural lashes will be fine and weak
  • Suggest the use of a lash serum
  • Reassure and educate your clients that this is completely natural
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