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What Is A Nano Mister Used For?

Written on  October 12, 2023
What is a Nano Mister used for?

A Nano mister is a small handheld device which sprays a micro-mist of water. It is commonly used at the end of the treatment of lash extensions to help seal the bonds as well as reduce the sensation of stinging.

However, did you know nano misting actually reduces bond strength by up to 30% and for this reason we really should not be using them during the process (with exceptions). However, most lash artists have no idea, therefore simply follow suit of what other lash artists are doing and not realising they are actually jeopardising bond strength.

Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in most adhesives used for semi permanent eyelash extensions. CA uses the presence of moisture to cure, which is why lash artists carefully control the moisture levels in their lash space. If you then nano mist, you are adding excess moisture to uncured bonds which causes acceleration of the cure and results in shock curing, and the bonds to become brittle. (Under a microscope you will see fractures in the bonds, hence a reduction of bond strength.)

What is a Nano Mister used for 2

Originally, nano misting was introduced to help lock in the adhesive vapours which often caused stinging to the clients for up to 24 hours after the treatment whilst the adhesive cured. Artists realised that by using a nano mister to quickly cure the adhesive bonds, they could help prevent stinging or possible reactions to the uncured adhesive.

IMPORTANT, if you are using good quality, safe adhesives there is no need to EVER have to add any type of moisture to seal in the vapours. However, in an unregulated lash industry, many lash artists are still using non approved glues which are manufactured in the Far East. These can contain low grade, harmful ingredients, they have zero safety certifications therefore no wonder they cause the client irritation and eventually reactions.

So, if you have been led to believe that nano misting assists retention then sadly you are wrong. Yes of course many clients say it feels nice at the end of the treatment (it is refreshing) however it will jeopardise bond strength due to shock curing of the bonds.

What are the exceptions when using a Nano Mister?

If you lash in a low humidity space, then nano misting will assist due to low levels of moisture present. By misting the lashes every 10-15 minutes, you would see an improvement in the grab and cure of the adhesive.

If you live in a low humidity country and your clients are leaving your lash space and heading into low humidity, then there is limited moisture present to assist with the cure over the next 24 hours. This is where nano misting at the end of the treatment would help speed up the cure, which would be affected over the next 24 hours due to low humidity.

What about super bonders?

Bonders are designed to elasticise the bonds, which means to make them flexible and less prone to fracturing. Bonders will help to seal in excess vapours however if they are being used to prevent irritation to the adhesive, then this is a massive red flag for the adhesive being used.

Bonders work differently to water, where water cures from the outside in, compared to bonders which cure from the inside out. To learn more about bonders and how they work, read our other blog HERE

Why not check out our range of super safe UK made lash adhesives. These contain high grade adhesives, are made in the UK, are independently certified by toxicologists and hold safety regulations which supersede those across the globe.

How do Superbonders for eyelash extensions work 2

We also do sample sizes of these for those who want to try before they buy.


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