Clients MUST clean their extensions if they want them to last as well as prevent the build of bacteria that can lead to infections such as Blepharitis.

  • Each night, clients must clean around the eye area and lash line with a cotton bud and their lash cleanser to ensure the whole area is squeaky clean.
  • Every 2-3 days your clients should thoroughly wash their lashes (just the same and they wash their hair – so why not do it at the same time).

Step 1 – Take a soft eye shadow or cleansing brush and work your foamed lash cleanser into the lashes, using the brush to get into every part of the lashes and lash line – (30 seconds to 1 min is usually enough).

Step 2 – Flush the brush through with clean water, take off the excess and work through the lashes to flush out the foaming solution – repeat as necessary until all the foam is out of the lashes. Now repeat with the other eye.

Step 3 – Pat lashes dry with either, paper towel, a hand towel, or blow dry on a cool setting.

Step 4 – Brush lashes thoroughly only when dry to tame back into position.

Clients should carry a mascara wand with them and brush their lashes 4-5 times a day. This really does assist to keep them soft, fluffy and separated.

Aftercare do’s & don’ts

  1. Do not get the extensions wet for 24 hours (this includes steam)
  2. Do not use a sauna or sun bed within 24 hours of treatment
  3. Do not pick or pull at the extensions
  4. Do not apply mascara, sealant, or eyeliner to the upper lid (unless powder)
  5. Keep extensions clean (lash cleanser) and brush well
    Use a designated lash cleanser, as it is designed solely for lash cleansing. Yes baby shampoo does work, but it’s not technically designed for the lashes and therefore shouldn’t really be used on the eyes.
  6. Keep oil-based products away from extensions
  7. Do not sleep on your face
  8. Do not curl the extensions – unless using a heated lash rod
  9. Keep heat products away from extensions

Watch the video below that explains this in more depth. This video refers to both classic and volume lashing.