This group is for existing/certified Eyelash Extensions technicians only, and proof of certification/licence/evidence of work within the Lash industry is required. This ensures that all its members are here to advance their lashing skills, and not to bypass the necessary in-depth beginners/foundation training required to enter the lash industry.



Whether you are at home or out and about, you know that you can access LTT from any device at any time. Never miss out on posts or tutorials – so you keep up-to-date with all the page developments.

Lash Tech Tutorials is designed to be a mentoring group. It was primarily designed to offer support and guidance to the new lash tech and keep them and their skills up to date, slowly over the years it has progressed and evolved into being able to support and guide all levels of lash techs.
We are a small team of  lash techs who are very passionate about the industry and who spend time seeking new content and ensuring that your knowledge is kept up to date via the LTT tutorial database.
Lash tech tutorials is a very safe place to come to ask absolutely anything, there is no such thing as a stupid question. It is a very welcoming and supportive group with members from all over the world.
Whilst this is a mentoring group and you will have access to tutorials teaching you some advanced techniques and keeping you up to date with the industry this is not a substitute for ongoing training.
It is vital you continue to take training throughout your career to develop, this is something myself and my team still do and we encourage fellow techs to do.
So please be aware that volume techniques will not be shown as this is covered in depth in our volume courses, however things like placement of fans, wrapping and it’s theory, pricing of volume etc is included in the content of Lash Tech Tutorials.

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Advanced And In-Depth Content

Within this database, I have created in-depth lashing sections suitable for every lash tech out there, of any ability and experience. All of the techniques that I demonstrate and teach within LTT are relevant to both classic and volume lashing. The LTT content starts with the beginner’s section for those newer to the industry. Then I move onto the advanced section, showing you how to create some of the most amazing bespoke sets, create extra density, coloured lashes, advanced eye styling, trouble shooting tutorials and so much more. From here, take a look at the “Bonus” Volume theory section, that will give those either looking to advance to Volume or already practicing it, an insight into my technical theory behind Volume lashing that is sadly by-passed on most courses, but must be understood if you are to produce perfection.

Please note that I do not cover the Volume pick-up techniques on LTT, and any student that would like to learn Volume correctly, must participate in a good Volume course (please do your research on your trainer).

If you would like to learn Volume with myself, then you can enrol on my Volume courses. The Volume technique is an advanced form of lashing, and must only be attempted and undertaken by an experienced therapist. LTT is designed for technicians of all levels, including those that are new to the industry. I believe that the Volume lashing and its practical techniques, must only be taught in the correct and in-depth “volume” learning environment, and that is not LTT. LTT is here to assist, and not to bypass the correct training.

Advanced And In-Depth Content

Take a look below at just a “few” of our many topics covered on this site.

Access our members area and navigate through our written, picture and video content, with sections for Beginners, Advanced, Volume, Business and so much more…

Perfect uniformity - Lash Tech Tutorials

Perfect uniformity

Creating extra density - Lash Tech Tutorials

Creating extra density

Colour capping & stacking - Lash Tech Tutorials

Colour capping & stacking

Lash direction & sweeps - Lash Tech Tutorials

Lash direction & sweeps

Techniques for older clients- Lash Tech Tutorials

Techniques for older clients

Feathering techniques - Lash Tech Tutorials

Feathering techniques